Extending Your RangeTech_Parent

Ever wonder what happens when you exceed a no decompression limit or what is just inside that shipwreck or cavern?

Would you like to know – but not if you have to wear 4 scuba tanks and complete 2 hours of decompression time? If so welcome to the world of extended range diving. Many divers are surprised to discover that many “technical” dives can be completed with minor modifications to their recreational diving systems.

If you are interested in learning what Technical Divers know about increasing safety when a NDL is exceeded or you would like to see what a shipwreck looks like from the inside out – all while managing your risk and using your current Total Diving System then Extended Range Diving is for you! A complete listing of Extended Range Courses with descriptions is below.

Xtreme Excitement

Some divers just want more – more depth, more time underwater, more penetration. If that describes you then the extreme programs in the SSI TechXR Range are for you!

Extreme Time Underwater? Advanced Deco Procedures will let you hang underwater as long as your gas allows.


Whatever your current diving ability or aspirations Extended Range or Technical Extended Range Diving will challenge you with environments, depths, bottom times, procedures, and equipment not commonly encountered by recreational divers.

You will be experiencing advanced levels that require extensive knowledge, enhanced diving skills, and considerable experience and you will do it with an Apex Expert, your SSI XR or TXR Instructor at your side.

Xtreme Training

SSI provides world class support for your journey with these specific learning tools: a manual, interactive CD-ROM, Technical DiveLog and Technical Dive Slates. In addition, your instructor may also require you to have a personal copy of an advanced dive planning software program.