Wreck Diver

The Goose's Wreck Diver Course

You and your dive buddy have stepped off the dive boat.  The Divemaster said to follow the descent line down and you will be just off the bow of the wreck.  He told you it would be visible, and you could not imagine how inspiring that sight would be.  Before you is a wreck from the 1800's, there just for your exploration. Whether they were sunk on purpose for an artifical reef, or a result of a mishap, wrecks open fascinating windows to the past.  Most divers find wrecked ships, planes and even automobiles simply irresistible because they are so intriguing to explore.  They create exciting avenues of discovery and usually are teeming with aquatic life.  The Wreck Diver course teaches you the ins and outs of rewarding, responsible wreck diving.
The Fun Part

The fun part of the Wreck Diver course is visting wrecks, unlocking mysteries and starting to gain the knowledge and experience that allows you to see things that others overlook.  Sometimes only the trained, experienced eye recognizes that a small hole or open door likely caused the vessel's demise.

What You Learn

Techniques for diving and exploring shipwrecks, and how to avoid common hazards
How to research and learn the background of your favorite wrecks
Wreck scuba diving equipment considerations
Considerations and techniques for entering intact wrecks
Experience in planning, organizing and making at least four wreck dives under the supervision of your SSI Instructor


You must be 15 years of age or older
Certified Open Water Diver or higher qualified rating
Wreck Diver Specialty Kit
Basic Scuba Gear and accessories

To purchase your needed learning materials, come into Goose's Scuba Shack.  We can get you set up for classes and equipment that you need for a successful Wreck dive.

Your Next Adventure

Many shipwrecks are often found in deeper water.  Thats why the Wreck Diver course ia a natural companion to the Deep Diver course.  Sometimes you can take these two specialties concurrently.

The Digital Underwater Photography course lends itself to capturing your dives on wrecks.  From the wreck itself to the sealife, your lens will not be at a loss for subjects.

Other training to consider is the Enriched Air Diver course on your way to Master Diver.