Search and Recovery Specialty

The Search and Recovery Specialty Course

Your buddy gives you a call, a little frantic.  You ask about the day they had fishing since you were not able to go.  That is when you find out that it was not a good day on the water.  They lost the outboard motor!  No, not going down the highway, into the lake it went.  They know where it is at, asking you if there is anything you can do....?

Well that is not a lost treasure that you were thinking about.  In the Search and Recovery Diver Specialty course, you will learn effective ways to find objects underwater and bring them to the surface.  Small to large, or just plain awkward, there are techniques in bringing them to the surface.

The Fun Part

Find lost items and lift them to the surface.  Using a lift bag, to conducting search patterns.  This specialty has practical and ultimately useful skills that you can apply to other diving scenarios.  The real fun is after you have searched for the object, found it, rigged it for the lift and then safely brought it to the surface, you have an enormous sense of accomplishment.

What You LearnPedersen Cleaner Shrimp in Roatan

Search and recovery dive planning, organization, procedures, techniques and how to deal with potential problems
How to locate large and small objects using search patterns
How to use a lift bag and other recovery methods
Limited visibility search techniques


You must be at least 12 years of age
Open Water Diver or qualifying rating from another recognized certification organization
Search and Recovery Diver Kit (DVD and Manual)
Basic Scuba Gear w/compass
Lift Bag

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Your Next Adventure

Because of the need to navigate and follow compass headings to find lost objects; the Underwater Navigator course is a perfect way to hone your navigation skills and make searching for that lost treasure easier.