Deep Diver 

SSI Deep Diver Specialty

“The wreck lays at 110 ft,” your Divemaster tells you on the boat during the briefing.  You have been looking forward to this dive, your trip was planned around seeing this piece of history.  Your dive training and the Deep Diver Specialty give you the ability to respond with a, “NO PROBLEM, Let’s hit the water and go diving!” The Deep Diver specialty allows you to experience the water, and all that it contains, up to the recreational scuba limit of 130 feet. When others cannot dive a wreck due to their certification limitation you and your dive buddy will be seeing and touching that piece of history.  You will be able to see things that less adventurous divers will never see from experiencing historic shipwrecks to mesmerizing sea life; this certification is your ticket in. 


What You Will Learn
During this course you will learn deep dive planning, specialized techniques and how to handle hazards at depth. This course takes place over 4 dives.

Learning Materials Needed
You will need the Deep Diving Specialty Course Kit (Manual & DVD)


You must be at least 15 years old

Your Next Adventure

Your enjoying the greatest experience of scuba diving in the open water.  Expand your horizons and use your Deep Diver certification to expore wreck skirting the recreational limits with the Wreck Diver Specialty.


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